What's in it for me?

How do you improve your speaking?

By speaking.

UniBRIDGE Project lets you increase your language fluency and confidence. It allows you to meet online with student peers from Indonesia and Australia. Meet your language exchange partners on the online video-lesson software to improve your language skills through real-time conversations as well as more structured speaking practice activities. Help your partners learn new things about your language as well.

As well as practicing and learning languages, UniBRIDGE Project also allows you to learn about your partner's society, economy and culture.  Do Indonesians and Australians have the same "coffee culture"? What about minimum wage? Or road rules?

If you do decide to visit your UniBRIDGE Project peers, then you arrive in-country with a local social network already established. This way you can get more out of your in-country experience.

    Starting out

    How to Join UniBRIDGE Project

    • Register via the online form 
    • If you are not taking part through a participating university, there are two way that you can take part
    1. Become a member of the UniBRIDGE Project community on Patreon at the supporter level of Language & Cultural Advocate
    2. Become a member the Australia-Indonesia Youth Association