• Promotes job readiness through improvements in ICT skills and inter-cultural understanding.
  • Build listening and speaking confidence, and intercultural awareness through meaningful learning interactions.
  • Deepen understandings of Australian and Indonesian cultural diversity.
  • Encourage continuing friendships, potentially leading to in-country visits.
  • Enable students to develop effective strategies in continuing formal and informal learning of the target language and culture.
  • Improve the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship at a grass-roots level.
  • Promote creative educational use of Information and Communication Technology.
  • Maintain majority student participation through seamless integration with university language programs.
  • Aid student retention in language programs, by fostering student learning communities within and across language levels, universities and other organisations.
UniBRIDGE addresses core goals of Australian government’s ‘Australia in the Asian Century White Paper’ (2012) and the ‘New Colombo Plan’ (2013). these goals centre around the imperative for Australians to broaden ‘Asian literacy’.
— Dr Richard Curtis

The University Bridge Project (UniBRIDGE Project) connects university students from Australia and Indonesia in order to foster greater language and cultural understanding at a grass-roots level. Currently UniBRIDGE Project includes a number of partner universities in Australia and Indonesia as well as the Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA).

Via multiple digital platforms, UniBRIDGE Project brings together learners of English from Indonesia and learners of Indonesian from Australian universities. Participants take part in conversations online in real-time. UniBRIDGE Project activities develop student confidence and proficiency in communicative language as well as fostering the development of two skill sets essential for the global citizen: intercultural understanding and ICT use.

The People-to-People benefits of UniBRIDGE Project are significant. Australians and Indonesians are able to connect and learn in a secure environment that enables mutual understanding to flourish and friendships to form. Participants can engage in language and inter-cultural exchanges from anywhere with an internet connection. UniBRIDGE Project also enhances in-country study trips as, through UniBRIDGE Project participation, students have established in-country social networks before even stepping off the plane.

UniBRIDGE Project is looking to increase its reach and to capture the great demand in Australian - Indonesian for people-to-people connections.